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Talentscope seeks to bridge the gap between employers & employees by making the job application process free, simple & digital.

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Creating an account is simple. It is the first step to the job application process and is integral to ensure that you are able to track applications. Once you have created an account, you now have access to TalentScope’s features.

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The most important aspect, uploading a resume is the only way to be seen by prospective employers who are searching the platform for talent. Employers are looking, make sure you’re being seen.

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TalentScope simplifies the job application process by making it free, simple and digital. Once you’ve identified a job which has your interest it takes one minute to send an application. All that’s left to do is wait for a response!

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25 Nov, 2021
Bambooze Bar B Que Joint Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia
Executive Chef Sous Chef Line Cook Prep Cook Steward  Restaurant Manager Restaurant Supervisor Server Cashier Host Bartender

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Talentscope eliminates the need to keep track of different job applications through various platforms by providing one centralized location where applicants can send, monitor and manage all applications.

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