New recruitment company in Saint Lucia launched

Ms. Goretti J Paul, an experienced human resource professional, and founder and managing director of HRWise, has launched a sister subsidiary, TalentScope — a professional employment firm that specializes in matching the best talent to right businesses for part-time, temporary and permanent positions.

So what makes TalentScope so different? Simply put, innovation. TalentScope delivers convenience, speed, efficiency and most importantly value to clients, through a range of employment-related services which include access to skilled candidates in real-time, featured vacancy posts for more visibility, superior ranking in search results, psychometric assessments, pre-employment reference checks, work permit applications processing, Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services/ staffing solutions and more. The game-changer is that it is fully automated, giving employers and potential employees access and control at their fingertips.

Employers will enjoy the benefits of TalentScope’s cutting-edge job dashboard, which is the perfect platform to find top talent in real-time for their businesses. With access to a wide cross-section of candidates globally, it is easy to navigate and is “always on”. Employers can manage their profile, post vacancies, adjust expiry dates, access the database of job seekers, view job seekers’ profiles, resumes and contact information all in one place.

Job seekers will enjoy the benefits of new job alerts, increased visibility to a wide range of potential employers, featured resumes and TalentScope’s revolutionary job matching service.

“We are extremely happy about this new platform which facilitates the pairing of candidates and employers for best fit. My aim is to influence positive change in how human resource management is perceived, executed and valued, by creating new opportunities through empowerment. HRWise has reflected that and with the introduction of TalentScope, even more companies and job seekers will benefit,” said Ms. Paul.